18 July 2008

Social Acts

and lessons learned
Sumoproject: Ruth Alejandra Mora and Gaston Soucy
Having had direct contact with the uneven distribution of wealth and resources in Latin America has taught us a form of recycling that goes beyond ecology. To us, recycling is also a social act where the constant reinvention of a particular resource is a choice that comes from the social consciousness of necessity and responsibility.
Thesis Bench is the result of re-cycling and re-inventing second hand materials. It is composed of a series of 1x4s and scrap pieces of wood previously used as frames for a thesis presentation. The 1x4 studs are staggered horizontally to create a sitting area while the scrap wood is inserted in between to act as vertical support. These operations produce a ‘random’ and artistic disposition of all the pieces creating a dynamic, playful and yet functional object.

Sumoproject. 'Social acts'
On Site review, no. 18 Fall/Winter 2007/2008
© Ruth Alejandra Mora and On Site review

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